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Dedicated, Passionate and Experienced Educators

When you entrust the education and care of your child at Cairns Kids, you can be assured our dedicated team of Educators put the well-being, happiness, development and education of your child above all else. All Educators have current First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Certificates.

Our dedicated team of educators understand how critical the first five years is to a child's development.  At Cairns Kids we believe children develop best when their days are filled with play, learning and fun. The important thing is to achieve the right balance.

We understand a child's developmental growth - physically, socially and emotionally providing them with the ability to learn the types of knowledge, behaviour, thinking and communication skills they require for life. 

As we recognise the importance of stimulating a child's brain in the early years is critical, we ensure the experiences of hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, exploring and questioning.  This provides the foundation for learning and other lifelong skills shaping the adults they will become.

Our Team


Hi, originally from Badu Island and a proud Torres Strait Islander, my name is Ethel. I am your Assistant Director and have been an Educator as part of the Cairns Kids Community since 2012. I come from a very large family and we are very family orientated people. Having a child of my own gave me the motivation to try and help others as well as through a career in childcare.

I hold a Certificate III in Children's Services and have been in the childcare industry since 2008 and have a great passion for educating and sharing my knowledge by guiding children through their earlier milestones in their lives.

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As an Educator it is absolutely rewarding when I can see that they have learnt so much from us. It is also rewarding to receive praise from parents about our practices. I'm always learning something new in this amazing career.


My name is Leanne and I am proud to be the Kindergarten Teacher and Educational Leader. I have a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Teacher in Early Childhood. I joined Cairns Kids in 2014 and have been in the Early Childhood industry for over 12 years.

I believe childhood to be a time that should be joyful and wonderful. As Educational Leader I support all other Educators with their understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards so they can provide the best Education and care for the children in the service.

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I am a local girl born in Gordonvale and raised here in a beautiful part of the world.  I have two amazing children and love being their mum. I enjoy reading, music, art and creating my own garden sanctuary.

I believe every person deserves an opportunity to develop to his or her full potential in a loving, safe and secure environment. I believe respect, love and the experience of a happy childhood are the birthright of every child. I believe communication and collaboration are vital among children, parents and Educators in order to contribute to a positive sense of who we are as children and adults. I believe in play! I believe in joy!


Hi my name is Karlee and I am a Lead Educator. I have been working in the childcare industry since 2011 and hold a Diploma in Children's Services. It is an absolute pleasure and I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to support and educate your children.

I am also Cairns Kids Sustainability Leader. I am passionate about sustainability and constantly explore different ways to educate all of the children and Educators on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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After travelling and experiencing other cities and cultures, I am proud to call North Queensland my home and birthplace. I am a wife and mother of two wonderful children. Early childhood education is my passion and I am honoured to be spending time with some unique, beautiful and spirited children.


Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am an Educator at Cairns Kids since 2016. I have been part of the childcare industry for over six years and hold my Diploma in Children Services.

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I'm originally from the Sunshine Coast but moved to Cairns with my partner in 2016.  I believe that children are curious and excited to explore their world. I aim to provide them with opportunities and a safe environment to learn and explore. 


Hi, my name is Shantel and I am a Lead Educator. I have been at the service since 2015 and have a daughter who attends the Kindergarten room. I believe children are special unique individuals who need affection, laughter and encouragement to allow them to grow and learn.

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I believe that all children should be given the opportunity to explore their own interests through play based learning whilst giving them challenges to further extend their skills through problem solving, creativity and discovery.


Hi my name is Melissa and I joined Cairns Kids in 2015 as an Educator. I hold a Certificate III in Children's Services and have worked in childcare since 2008. I'm a mother of twins, that are now 21 years old. I am very excited to meet and care for all the wonderful children here at Cairns Kids.

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I believe that childhood is the time when we develop our little personalities, so it is important to let children make their own choices to teach them independence. I also think it's important to allow children to explore through play; I believe every child is unique in their own way, and as an educator to scaffold on their interest.


Hi my name is Danielle and I am a Lead Educator. I have been working in the childcare industry since 2008 and hold a Diploma in Children's Services.

My philosophy is, the belief that helping children to grow into productive citizens, friends, neighbours and future parents is the most important and rewarding job there is. Knowing that each child is a unique person and helping them to discover their full potential in every area of development is the task at hand.

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Every day revolves around each area of a child's developmental needs and plenty of space and time for what children learn best from - PLAY! I give each child the time and space for self-discovery and discovering the world around them through personal experiences. They learn best by doing.


Hello, my name is Kirryn and I am an Educator. I hold a Certificate III in Children's Services and am currently working towards completing my Diploma in Early Childhood. I started in the childcare industry in 2010 and love being part of the Cairns Kids Team.

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I believe that each child should have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves. As early childhood Educators we have the privilege of teaching children in the most vital learning years of their life.  


Hello, my name is Sumitra and I have been an Educator at Cairns Kids since 2012. I hold a Certificate III in Children's Services. I really enjoy working with the children at Cairns Kids because it is such a multicultural environment for both Educators and children. I believe that every child is different.

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I provide quality care and a friendly environment by communicating the childrens needs for comfort and assistance. My goal is to assist children with their development by providing activities and resources that challenge their abilities and allow them to grow. 


Hi my name is Rebecca and I have been an Educator at Cairns Kids since 2011. I hold a Certificate III in Children's Services and enjoy working with children and watching them grow. I enjoy how diverse Cairns Kids is with many different cultures from afar.

I believe that we learn just as much from the children as they do from us, it's a great experience. As an Educator I believe children should learn through play and within an environment where they feel comfortable and safe. I strongly believe by fostering strong positive interactions and genuine trust in our Educators, children will have great experiences in early childhood.

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Providing a nurturing and caring environment will assist in the child's journey to becoming confident and successful individuals.

To ensure all children have equal opportunities, I endeavour to provide an environment which reflects the children's home and immediate community life to enhance their sense of belonging. With this environment children will also be encouraged to experiment and explore through play.


Hi my name is Lavenia and I have been an Educator at Cairns Kids since I was 17 years old - starting off with a school based apprenticeship which lead to my Certificate III in Children's Services and full time employment as part of the Cairns Kids family.

Working with the Educators at Cairns Kids has given me many opportunities to further my knowledge of the industry and over the years I have molded myself into the childcare professional I am today.

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I enjoy seeing the children grow and the expression that lights up their face when they have understood something or made a new connection to something or someone. My goal is to continue to nurture and support the development of the leaders of tomorrow.


Hi, my name is Nadine and I am a Lead Educator. I have worked in the industry since 2012 and joined Cairns Kids in 2016. I hold my Certificate lll in Children's Services and am currently studying my Diploma in Early Childhood. I'm a mother of three enthusiastic young boys who attend school and Cairns Kids - they are the reason I started my career in childcare.

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I believe every child is unique in their own way of development and growth. I also believe their first five years are the most importance vital time of their life to learn skills and shape who they grow to be as an adult.  


Hello, my name is Angel. Born and raised in New Zealand, with a Samoan background, I found myself studying Certificate III in Children's Services in 2013. I have been an Educator at Cairns Kids since 2014 and I have enjoyed learning about how personalities are moulded in the first few years of a child.

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I believe that every child comes with something fresh and distinctive; and as an Educator, it gives me a new opportunity for my own personal development and a chance to implement something encouraging into that child.  I strongly believe that children learn best when the environment is secured and vibrant, there are positive and strong interactions, and new challenges and different learning styles are in the midst of laughter and smiles.

My goal is to help build each child's own personalities and to guide them into the next stages of development with excitement and confidence.


Hello, my name is Rowan. I started my career in early childhood education in 2004 and have worked as an Educator at Cairns Kids since 2010. I have a Certificate III in Children's Services and am currently close to completion of a Bachelor of Psychology at James Cook University.

I have an interest in cognitive and physical development in the early years as well as behavioral analysis, early learning and early development theory.

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I aim to support the inclusion of all children in all social and educational aspects of the early learning setting. My future aspirations are to work with disadvantaged children, assisting them in overcoming the challenges they face and achieving their full potential.


Hi, my name is Jay and I have been an Educator at Cairns Kids since 2013. I'm originally from South Korea and have been living in Cairns since 2005 with my two school age children. I have my Certificate lll in Early Childhood and will be continuing my study in 2017 with my Diploma in Early Childhood.

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I really enjoy playing and interacting with children while supporting them to learn and reach their developmental milestones. I look forward to meeting all your children and families. 


Hi my name is Haylee and I am a Lead Educator. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood and have been part of the Cairns Kids Team since 2012.

I love working with children and hope to one day become a Teacher. I enjoy working in the childcare industry where I get to watch all the children grow into the best they can be.

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I believe role modeling of good behavior is a great way to encourage positive experiences with children. My cultural background is Aboriginal and Papua New Guinean. I have lived in Cairns my whole life, have strong family values and enjoy spending a lot of time with them.


Hi my name is Sophie and I am the Chef at Cairns Kids. I joined Cairns Kids in 2013 and find cooking for the children to be a very rewarding experience. I produce nutritionally balanced meals, made daily using fresh ingredients. My experience includes various hotels including the Cairns Casino, Mercure and The Hilton.

I believe children should be exposed to a wide range of different foods whether it be cultural, different textures or something that they may not get to experience at home. I strive to bring variety to the children at Cairns Kids, catering for special dietary needs such as allergies, intolerances and cultural specific dietary requirements.

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Originally from Victoria I moved to Cairns after completing my first year apprenticeship. I love music and my down time is spent playing with my son or walking along the beautiful Esplanade.

I have a young son that is a bundle of fun and the apple of my eye. My son has been attending Cairns Kids since he was one year old and I am very lucky that he gets to come to work with me every day.

Please feel free to contact us for further details or complete our online enquiry form.